Get Involved

Get Involved

Want To Volunteer?

Are you eager to make a difference and be part of something meaningful? 

If so, we would be delighted if you would consider joining our team of dedicated volunteers. Every act of kindness counts. Your time and effort can have a profound impact on the wellbeing of others as well as your own.

Whether it’s distributing essential items, coordinating community events, or extending a helping hand, your involvement truly matters.

We believe in the power of solidarity and are always genuinely excited to welcome new members into our compassionate community.

Together, we can create a Southend-on-Sea where no one must compromise on their well-being. Your contributions, both big and small, play a crucial role in our journey to make a positive change in the lives of those in need.

Every Act of Kindness Counts

Every small act of kindness is a step towards a better, more compassionate Southend-on-Sea. Join us in our mission to support individuals and families facing hygiene poverty. Your willingness to volunteer is a powerful force for change. Get involved and be a part of something meaningful.

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